Free Movement of Establishment and Services

The principles in regard to free movement of establishment and services are fairly similar to those of Free movement of goods. It makes sense that all freedoms are applied in similar ways in order to make it fair and make sure that they remain a freedom. (more…)

Free Movement of Goods

The next 3 blog posts are going to be centered around the 4 fundamental freedoms of the EU: goods, services, establishment and workers. These are 4 key principles of the EU and it is important to understand how they work. All EU citizens are influence by this, whether its because of the food and products in the shop we buy, or going on holiday, working around the EU and operating a business around the EU. There are in many ways interlinked and have similar provisions government them and the rules on how a member state can restrict these fundamental freedoms at times. All will be explored in due course. (more…)

Registerable Interests

There are two types of registerable Interests – Registerable Dispositions (Section 27 LRA 2002) and Interests Affecting a Registered Estate. They must both be registered before the date of the changing of names on the Register to be binding. (more…)