Human Rights Act

European Convention on Human Rights

When looking at an ECHR claim, it is important to first look as sections 6 and 7 of the Human Rights Act 1998. In these sections, it shines light on whether an ECHR claim is possible. In order to be able to bring a ECHR claim, a vehicle claim must be raised. This is where a Private law action is launched, which is usually Breach of Confidence or Misuse of Private Information. (more…)

Judicial Review

Judicial Review is the process in which the Judiciary is about to keep check on decision makers, which does include their own decisions, as well as executive and on occasion decisions from parliament. In order to bring a public law claim, certain criteria must be met. (more…)

Should I have the right to say or write what I want, no matter whom it offends?

The perspective of Freedom of Speech is positive and a basic human right that every Man, Woman and Child should be entitled too. The discussion regarding whether society should have the right to say and write what they want no matter who it offends has been debated extensively over the 328 years since the development of the British Bill of Rights in 1689. This was the first instance of freedom of speech not only for parliament, for the citizens of Britain, which inspired much of the western world to follow. Furthermore, I am in favour of the viewpoint suggesting a line must be drawn in order to preserve and protect humanity. (more…)