05-04-2017 First blog post!


So why am I writing a blog…

This question is a lot harder to answer then I originally anticipated. I guess my initial thought as to why I should start a blog is a way of documenting my life to show how far I have progressed, the obstacles that I will overcome and the changes I will undergo these next few years of my life, hopefully getting into the legal sector. But on second thought there is so much more to it than that.

In a way, this blog is to help like minded people as myself by showing an almost ‘example’ of how someone from a pretty ordinary background, can (hopefully) become a ‘lawyer’. Some may see this as an impossibility without the ‘brains and the contacts’.

This is of course all speculative. I am not a qualified lawyer, or anywhere near! Just a Law student with high aspirations of penetrating the legal industry.

To be honest, when I first had the idea of becoming a lawyer, it seemed like it was just a dream and an impossibility. Having not being put off by the challenge and taking that first step towards the dream by applying to uni, I can now 100% say that achieving that ‘impossibility’ is real, and possible! Despite being at such an early stage of the process.

Another, perhaps selfish, reason for this blog is self promotion. Being a law student, we are constantly told that you have to get out there and contact people, apply for work experience, get the best grades, go to networking events ect. Therefore this blog is also to show possible future employers and recruitment teams, about my journey into the legal sector, and the types of experiences I have had, and even the struggles finding those experiences. (And believe me, it is a constant struggle to do all this while maintaining the student life).

The last main reason for this blog, is a way of escapism. There are many times, i’m sure as all students will agree, where you just want to screw everything up, crawl into bed and never come out! So i guess this is a way of getting out all the frustration that comes with being a student, in a productive way. (As well as sharing my successes with the world… of course).

Along side this, I will also cover what I am learning on my course at the moment in time, the topics I am finding hard and easy, and (hopefully interesting) areas which many don’t realise even exist. Like i have said, I am passionate about the law and am yet to find an area on which have very little or no interest in. It affects us all in so many ways that I didn’t realise until I started studying. For instance, not realising that every time you buy something in a shop you are creating a contract; even like being able to claim (nominal) compensation for someone pushing you.

So far this year, the topics I have studied include Legal essentials, (which covers the basics of the legal systems, commercial awareness and the roles of lawyers) contract law, (which covers any agreement with an offer, acceptance, consideration and intention to create legal relations) and Tort law (which covers the civil wrongs, the main tort being negligence). I have, this week, started the unit of Criminal Law, which i have been assured is one of the most interesting topics for a law student to cover… we shall see about that!

So yeah, this is the first time I have done anything like this so we shall see how it goes. Its a bit of an experiment! And hopefully it will be interesting to those of you who keep track and read regularly! Feel free to get in contact if you have any questions or comments… or want to offer me work experience or a job of course.

Thank you and Goodnight!


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