Creating an Express Trust

The creation of an Express trust is where a settlor, wishes to either hold property himself on trust for another person(s), or wants a 3rd party to hold it on trust for them. These are the other 2 criteria in Milroy v Lord which was discussed last Post. (more…)

Gifts and Transfers of Property

How gifts are made is an important part of Equity and Trusts. The difference between a trust and a gift is that when a gift is made, it is not held by another person for their benefit. It is transferred straight away. (more…)

Competition Law: Article 102

Article 102 TFEU prohibits the abuse of a dominant position within the EU. For a business to breach Article 102, they must have been in a dominant position, be abusing that position, which has an effect on member states. (more…)

Competiton Law: Article 101

Article 101(1) of the TFEU identified that all agreements, decisions and concerted practices between undertakings, which may affect trade and have as their objective or effect, to prevent, distort or restrict trade within the single market. (more…)

Social Policy: Sex Discrimination

EU law prohibits discrimination generally over all subjects. There are many heads of discrimination that are applied differently and rely on different regulations and directives. On the syllabus I am working from only sex discrimination is covered, which is the one I will be covering in this post. (more…)

Free Movement of Establishment and Services

The principles in regard to free movement of establishment and services are fairly similar to those of Free movement of goods. It makes sense that all freedoms are applied in similar ways in order to make it fair and make sure that they remain a freedom. (more…)